The Dominican Republic has a privileged location.

The Dominican Republic has a privileged location in the Caribbean, giving us access to major ports, not only in the US but also to other Caribbean Islands, Central and South America, as well as the rest of the world.

Our plant is located only 10 miles from Puerto Multimodal Caucedo, one of the most important ports of the DR, which allows us to have efficient logistics, resulting in time and money saving for our customers. The proximity from our plant to the port minimizes the chance of breakage on the way to the port, guaranteeing the delivery of the highest quality pieces in optimal conditions.

Coral Stone Tiles


We cut Coral Stone tiles in standard sizes as well as Cut to Size tiles, both available in a variety of thicknesses. We also create custom made architectural components.

It does not matter if it is a small or big project, we can create custom made architectural components carved in our coral stone. Our team of architects can work with any format of floor plans to help you develop your projects through our high-tech machinery. In addition to patio stone in Miami, we also create custom pool coping in Miami, providing the look and style required for your project.


We not only offer the best and whitest coral stone in the Dominican Republic, but we are also focused in offering the best service.

At Caribbean Coral & Marble we take care of all the logistics to deliver your products, always focused on offering the best service. We help our business partners, who are mostly importers in their home countries, with the local process of clearance of the goods with Dominican authorities. By being involved in all the export process we minimize the risk of any errors dealing with foreign authorities.


Best White Coral Stone & Marble in Doral and Miami, FL

Today, it is easy to understand why so many people have their sights set on coral. The difference in terms of convenience, value, and style is second to none. We have coral stone for sale in Miami.

Coral stone in Doral is one of the finest materials available. This uniquely beautiful, natural coral stone in Miami includes fossilized marine and plant life. It can be used for both interior and exterior purposes and is accessible in slabs and tile. Our Dominican Coralina Doral provides unique material for every project. It offers a natural look that is a perfect match for any style and design of residential or commercial new construction or renovation and remodelling project.

At Caribbean Coral & Marble, we distribute natural Dominican coral stone products for flooring. We carry coral stone tiles in Miami, slabs, swimming pool copings, and coral blocks. Our selection of natural stone slabs in Doral comes in various materials, including sandstone and limestone.

Our coral marble brings a touch of luxury and style to your home, your outdoor patio, your decks, and your surroundings. White coral stone in Miami has an excellent reputation in the architectural and construction industry. Coral stone pavers in Doral are some of the most sought-after materials in the area for walkways, driveways, and patios, and they blend ideally with any home and landscaping.

Most of our coral stone slabs in Miami vary in color and come in several finishes. We bring you an incredible array of the finest slabs and provide you with the best coral stone in Miami. Our shell stone in Doral is distinctive and adds a finishing touch to new home construction or renovations that is not possible with other natural stone materials.

Classic Caribbean Stone & Keystone in Doral and Miami, FL

White marble is highly appreciated for its beauty, style, and elegance. This stone has embellished many palaces of kings and queens for centuries, making it an expensive and luxurious choice for interiors. Our professional company is your first choice for marble in Doral.

At Caribbean Coral & Marble, we are committed to producing marble and classic stone in Doral. Our marble tiles and patio stone in Miami make flooring of unequalled style and quality.

Whether you want a Caribbean stone in Miami, a Dominican stone in Doral, or other features for your space, you can trust our team of experts. We are a leader in the natural stone industry with excellent collections, including Caribbean, classic, and keystone in Doral.

Our marble stone in Doral is an incredibly durable and stylish material, making it an ideal choice to incorporate into your house or business.